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Mothers Trust has two missions, as established by its founders. 

These missions have evolved directly from the wishes of Sri Sri Ma - Sri Sarada Devi and Sri Ramakrishna. They were known as the Holy Twins to some, and Mothers Trust honors them as such - a Holy Couple, two Aspects of the Avatara for this age, the Satya Yuga.  They were husband and wife and by their example, illustrated the method and solution for the times before us.  Gender equality is the cure for what ails us today. Sri Sri Ma and Sri Ramakrishna lived in harmony, respecting and honoring each other - yet they were different and performed their world changing missions,. We should all follow their example.

The first mission is to maintain  the Mothers Trust location, with its land, buildings and Temple as a Sacred Space for all time (with the Holy Relics - ashes and bone of Sri Sri Ma & Sri Ramakrishna) that are interred here, built into the foundations of Sri Sri Ma's Temple. Those holy relics were given to Mothers Trust by Swami Bhashyananda and Swami Sarvagatananda in 1990 and by Mataji Vandana Ma and nuns of Gauri Ma's Ashram, the Sri Saradeshwari Ashram, in 1998. 

The second mission of Mothers Trust is to serve Women & Girls. This mission came directly from Sri Sri Ma and Sri Ramakrishna to Gauri Ma, the only woman direct monastic disciple Sri Ramakrishna.

Over the years it has taken to establish Mothers Trust Mothers Place - from its beginnings in Kolkata more than 140 years ago, to the present day, many Holy Women and Men have foreseen and participated in creating this Sacred Space.



We are now offering SACRED TOURS to Mothers Trust Ashram. To arrange to see and experience Sacred Space at Mothers Trust, for individuals, families or groups, please contact Swami Atmalokananda, Rev. Glenn Davenport at 616-293-6884 or Email - revglennclergy@motherstrust.org

Giving Thanks To You!


To our friends of Mothers Trust Mothers Place...

Thank you for all the love and support over the last 45 years. Our Cherished Sacred Space is Awake and Beautiful because of the love and dedication from our resident members, staff, devotees and visitors. 

We are grateful for your generous donations and continued support!

To visit Sacred Space at Mothers Trust, call 616-293-6884.


  Mothers Trust Hotline, Women & Girls in Need, 616-566-4318,

Rev. Eva Schroeder, Mataji Gauribrata.

To visit Mothers Trust Sacred Space, call Rev.  Glenn Davenport, Swami Atmalokananda, at 616-293-6884.

For all Victims of Violence & Abuse, contact

RESILIENCE.MI.ORG (800-848-5991) - Also, for MEN & BOYS.

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 Your support helps Women & Girls in Need & maintains our Sacred Space - where relics of Sri Sarada Devi & Sri Ramakrishna are enshrined for all time. A Tirtha in West Michigan where "1000s will come." 

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