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Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
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Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos:

Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos:

Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos:
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/Photos;
Ramakrishna Sarada
Ashram Monastics USA

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;




6676 122nd Avenue, Ganges/Fennville, Michigan 49408

We Do Believe That the Time has Come for the World's Religions To Work Together in the Service of Human Kindness and Love.....
"We Believe in Equitable Rights of Women and Men Alike With Mutual Respect"

Sannyasini Shakti
Rev. Sharon Henry
(616) 293-6884

Mataji Gauri Mata Puri Devi
Rev. Eva E. Schroeder
(616) 566-4318

Swami Atmalokananda
Rev. Glenn N. Davenport
(616) 293-6884

Mothers Trust Ashram, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple in Ganges, is a religious order made of monastics and individuals dedicated to interfaith study and dialogue, as an important way of promoting understanding and peaceful relationships among people of differing beliefs in the community and in the world. We believe we are a part of the wave of the future. We invite you to join us in our efforts. We do believe that the time has come for the world's religions to work together in the service of human kindness and the sustainability of the earth. All religions must sooner or later realize and emphasize their "common substratum," than alone can religion act as a potent but caring force to serve with compassion and empathy; the sacred spirit in all life; while honoring the diversity, integrity and spirit of the world's great wisdom traditons, faiths and cultures. The World Parliament of Religions in 1893 is Our Inspiration as well as the 1993 Declaration of Global Ethics Promoting Undertanding while Sowing Seeds of Peace.


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Mothers Trust Ashram, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple is dedicated to honor and explore the meaning of the "Motherhood of God", the divine feminine and its implications for renewed understanding of how the wisdom of the world's faith traditions, can inform contemporary issues and with compassionate service and compassionate understanding, meet global issues and human needs. We believe in equitable rights of women and men alike. Mothers Trust is an ashram, which honors the divinity in all and provides a home, family, community, for pilgrims and families of all walks of life. Mothers Trust is an ashram, a refuge, for all individuals exploring the wonders of the Spirit. We are egar to learn and to practice, while "Exploring the Sacred Ways in the World's Wisdom Tradtions, Serving One World".
Every one that walks through the doors of Mothers Trust Ashram feels that some thing is here just for them. Whether the worship service, the symbols of faiths; the outreach programs, only the heart knows. For those of you who have not had the experience, please come and make your pilgrimage to Mothers Trust sacred place. Others who are at a distance can make arrangements to stay and retreat. We are a religious order non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization located in Ganges, MI - 6 miles outside of Saugatuck and 20 miles outside Holland. We are an interfaith commuity made up of individuals, monastics and lay; from a variety of spiritual, faiths, cultures and traditions, all working together to nurture understanding, universality and respect of the sacred in all the world's religions, through interfaith education, dialogue and spiritual explorations. We are pilgrims living together alone, each on our own path, responsible for the personal and global transformation of our earth community. We are a mssion ashram and retreat center.

Programs & Classes


Swami Shraddhananda, (top left)
Swami Sarvagatananda, (top right)
Swami Aseshananda, (lower left)
Swami Bhashyananda, (lower right)

Mothers Trust Ashram in Ganges, was established in 1990 by several dedicated nuns and monks. Women did not find equitable participation in religious life and therefore with the help of men and women egar to see equality as a model for society, began blue prints that would create a beautiful complex dedicated to the "Divine Universal Mother". The name "Mothers Trust, Mothers Place" was given by a Belur Math Ramakrishna Monk, Swami Shraddhananda (upper left) of California and the "Articles of Incorporation" given by the senior Swami in America, Swami Sarvagatananda (upper right) of Boston and Providence. Swami Asheshananda (lower left), disciple of Holy Mother of Portland, Oregon, encouraged women to renounce and move to Ganges to help Gauri Ma vivefy in the west, as the direct monastic disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. Each of them experienced the presence of the "Universal Mother", as the divine inspiration in building a temple for worship and respect and honor to her daughters in the direct monastic lineage of Ramakrishna-Sarada in Ganges. Swami Sarvagatananda offered the first check to make a truth untold of Sannyasini Gauri Ma. Swami Vivekananda wrote in 1896: "Hence it is my first endeavor to start a math (Convent) for women. Please show this letter to Gauri Ma, Yogin Ma etc., and through them establish a womens math (Convent). Let Gauri Ma be President there. I shall supply all the necessary expenses for that work". Please view the Belur Math Swamis at Mothers Trust Ashram, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple,,,

Swami Bhashyananda President of the Ramakrishna Order Vedanta Society in Chicago and Vivekananda Monastery and Retreat in Ganges, MI., translated the book, "Sannyasini Gauri Mata Puri Devi, A Monastic Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna". The ground breaking ceremony and dedication of the Mothers Trust Ashram and Universal Temple was celebrated earlier, in Feb. of 1992; with Sannyasini Gauribrata Puri Devi, (monastic resident of Vivekananda Monastery) and disciple of Swami Bhashyananda since 1973; and Belur Math Ramakrishna Monks, Swami Chidananda, Swami Tapasananda, Swami Atmalokananda, Swami Yogeshananda and Swami Brahmarupananda; with the Blessings and preperation of many years by the Belur Math senior Swami's in America; Swami Sarvagatananda Maharaj and Swami Bhashyananda Maharaj. Ramakrishna/Sarada Nuns, Oldest direct monastic lineage of Ramakrishna/Sarada Convent established by Gauri Ma 1895, were finally honored.

Belur Math Groundbreaking Ceremony
Feb 1992, Mothers Trust Temple Ganges

Mataji Gauri Mata Puri Devi of Mothers Trust and Mother Nandita Puri Devi Trustee of Sri Saradeshwari Ashram, Kolkatta India FaithInstitute Crisis Advocates

Mataji Vandana Puri Devi, President (top left) Kolkatta, India.
Mataji Gauribrata and Nandita Ma Puri, (lower left) Ganges:

Belur Math, Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Kolkatta, India Monks: Saradeshwari Ashram oldest womens Ramakrishna/Sarada monastics: Mothers Trust Ramakrishna Sarada Ashram Ganges, Nuns & Monks:

At the invitation of Swami Bhashyananda, President of the Vedanta Society of Chicago; in 1998, Mataji Vandana Puri Devi, President of Sri Saradeshwari Ashram accepted Swami Bhashyanda's invitation and the nuns of the oldest convent in the direct monastic lineage of Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi came from Sri Saradeshwari Ashram, Kolkatta India established in 1895 for the inauguration 1998.

Sri Ramakrishna's direct monastic disciple, Sannyasinni Gauri Mata Puri Devi was the Founder of the oldest womens monastic convent. It was this truth untold, that was so important to many of the swamis of Belur Math. Many dedicated nuns and monks came from all over the world. 500 people of all faith traditions attended three holy days of worship, service, lectures, dialogue, music and initiations. Monks and Nuns were established to work and serve in mission with harmony and mutual respect, dignity and equality. Please view: Nuns Photo Archives.

After 25 years in EXILE by the Ramakrishna Monks of Belur Math Headquarters for building a Universal Temple dedicated to the Universal Mother and All Religions and Faiths the Trustees and Monastics of Mothers Trust Ashram were welcomed back to the Vivekananda Monastery; home of their Guru Swami Bhashyananda President of the Vedanta Society of Chicago & Vivekananda Monastery Ganges, MI., years (1965-1994). Mataji Gauribrata President, Swami Atmalokananda head Ramakrishna Monk, Swami Tapasananda and Sannyasini Shaktibrata, Sannyasini Shivabrata, Monastic Trustees were graciously received back to their Vivekananda Monastery in Ganges by the new President of Chicago and Ganges Vivekananda Monastery; Swami Ishatmanandaji Ramakrisna Monastic Order. “Let us work in harmony, equality, mutual respect. The devotees were encouraged and the two Ashrams remain with some mutual interests and very different missions yet good wishes. The two ashrams though with common mutual interests will always remain independent....

Mothers Trust Ashram, Trustees and Monastics 2014
Chicago Calling! Nov 7th-11 Swami Vivekananda's 150th Celebration Though Mataji Gauribrata, President and Mataji in Charge, did not attend due to Inequality of Gender, Universality and Harrasment. Permission was given to Swami Atmalokananda, Sannyasini Shakti, Sannyasini Shiva, Swami Tapas to Celebrate and Participate as Trustees of Mothers Trust Ashram in Ganges.
Mothers Trust Ashram and Vivekananda Monastery remain independent with mutual interests and good wishes.MI. Mothers Trust Monastics trained for 12 years in the Vedanta Society Chicago and Vivekananda Monastery Ganges. They continued education for 2 yrs in New York to be Interfaith Ministers and an additional two years to be Crisis Clergy and Legal Advocates.1973-1989 The year Mataji Gauribrata was sent by Guru Swami Bhashyananda to receive Sannyas and Appointed Mataji in Charge of Mothers Trust Ashram. Faith Institute Crisis Clergy and Monastics from 1973-2016.