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Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos:

Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos:
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;
Oldest Convent 1895

Gaurimata's Archives/Photos;
Ramakrishna Sarada
Ashram Monastics USA

Gaurimata's Archives/ Photos;

6676 122nd Avenue, Ganges/Fennville, Michigan 49408




Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple is a Spiritual Retreat Center and growing global community, dedicated to promoting enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, compassionate care and service. Mothers Trust Ashram is dedicated to support individuals and communities to create cultures of spirituality, peace, justice and healing for the earth and all living beings. Mothers Trust Ashram is a mission ashram that is interfaith and universal in presentations, programs, worship services, daily practices, intentionally "sowing seeds of peace" for all.

Sept.11th,1893: Swami Vivekananda presented his speech as a Hindoo Monk at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago with brothers and sisters of America. On Aug11th,2001 the Monastic Trustees of Mothers Trust Ashram Mataji Gauribrata, (aka Rev. Eva. Schroeder), Swami Atmalokananda (aka Rev. Glenn Davenport) and Swami Tapasananda (aka Rev Peter Chilstrom) successfully completed the educational requirements of the All Faiths Seminary International for ordination as Interfaith Ministers and were ordained by the Faculty of The All Faiths Seminary International, in a ceremony conducted at the Epiphany R.C. Church located at 239 East 21rst Street in NY New York. Our oaths to serve all faiths were taken.

Sept.11th,2001: America was attacked on that tragic day of the World Towers in New York. The Interfaith Menorah worshipped at Mothers Trust Ashram was requested by Rabbi Gelberman to be used in the interfaith memorial service at ground zero. Mothers Trust Mission will always remain to practice and teach peace through interfaith study and dialogue which honors the differences in World Faiths and the Common Ground in Human Dignity and Spirit. Where there is harm of gender, culture, religion we will sow seeds of peace, education, justice, advocacy to negate violence, abuse and deaths.


The Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple is dedicated to education and dialogue, as a way to promote understanding between the World's Great Wisdom Traditions, to experience the Oneness of the Spirit. People of all faiths and spiritualities are waking up to the urgency to work together in the service of human kind. Interfaith does not seek to blend all religions; yet honors the sacredness and uniqueness of each faith, and then creates new ways for many paths to meet on common ground. Differences need not seperate, but enrich our lives and deepen our capacity to love; "The Spirit in All."


The impetus of the World's Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 initiated a network of varied multicultural and inter-religious organizations through which people of different faiths have been seeking to meet one another. Their aim has not been conversion, but in a spirit of mutual respect, engage in a many sided and open ended dialogue. The hope of individuals of different religions and spiritual traditions-while disagreeing on matters of beliefs; might agree on moral values and global ethics, continues to remain a conviction by members active in various interfaith movements.





This sense of a common quest of a global consciousness in which differences be valued, allows people of diversity to overcome hostility and rivalry. The intention of the Mothers Trust, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple is to combine the role of spirituality and education as the transformation to learning; to enhance local and global awareness and responsibility for ethical development which bears on the economical, environmental, spiritual and social challenges facing our earth community today.





Inspired by a central spirit we act from the deepest values and claim the right and responsibility to do extraordinary things, to serve interfaith cooperation on a local and global level. We respect the sacred wisdom of each religion, spiritual expression, indigenous tradition and believe that each can better remain true to itself by honoring the truth inherent in all.





We practice equitable participation of women and men in all aspects. We believe that our religious and spiritual lives, rather than dividing us, guide us to build our earth community. We encourage each individual to deepen their roots of their own tradition, while listening and speaking with respect to others of diverse faiths, as a way to build a mutual trust and understanding of one another.





We are united with people of diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions throughout the world, to combine resources in a coalition with faith groups and organizations, who take many different kinds of actions to serve a common purpose: compassionate action to awaken to our deepest truths, and to manifest love of spirit, peace and justice, dignity among all life; for the economic, environmental, social and spiritual challenges facing our earth community today.





The goal of interfaith education and dialogue, is to consider the role of individual and global transformation and spiritual consciousness. The services and programs of Mothers Trust, Lakeshore Interfaith Community and Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple fosters a relationship of teaching and learning, for the cultivation of values, morals and global ethical development. We believe there is an emergence of a new intellectual vision: one that preserves and transcends the current state of distinctions and divisions. We are looking to heal the deep rupture between cultures and traditions, with the enrichment of religious diversity in education. For universal spirituality and human dignity, there must be education and dialogue to develop understanding among the world faiths and spirit within all.





Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple is a spiritual space and retreat center, an interfaith community of contemplatives, seekers, intellectuals, pilgrims and sceptics; all looking for ways to rediscover the inter-relatedness with one another. Regardless of our particular faith tradition, everyone of us are looking to reconnect with the divine energy, that enables one to act with loving kindness, more caring and compassionate service, towards ourselves and each person we meet. Mystics have gone to mountains and deserts to find this sacred space. Others have gone to cathedrals, shrines, mosques and temples. We Welcome you to Come and Discover the Sacred Spirit in All FaIths and Traditions, by joining us on a pilgrimage to "Explore the Spirit's Sacred Ways of the World's Great Wisdom Traditions."

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